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Learn Why to Sell Your Boat with Waypoint Marine!

Getting ready to put your boat on the market?

Let Us Create Your Strategic Sales Plan...


Our Focus is on Your Boat!

We have the experience and expertise you need in the selling process, from listing to close.

Waypoint Marine Sales feels new boat dealers who sell used boats simply cannot make the sale of their used boats a priority. With the concerned with floorplan expenses, problems relating to service, and inventory obligations from the manufacturer, many dealers have no time or energy to effectively market brokerage boats. Waypoint Marine Sales only sells brokerage boats. Locally owned and operated, we boat with our clients! 

This is yacht brokerage done right! Call us today! We'll get your boat sold!


Your Boat Gets Effective and Relative Social Media and Internet Marketing 

Our market is literally world-wide through web sites like Facebook, Instagram,,, and, of course,

Our web presence is updated daily.

We keep on top of the latest marketing options for your boat through seminars, webinars and classes. 

Experienced Staff Market and Sell Your Boats with Professionalism

We have over 50 years of experience in boat sales!

Our staff has been, and continue to be, professionally trained to sell your boat!

Waypoint has been established in the Lake Erie Island area since 2004 and we have a solid reputation of fairness and honesty!

Your Boat Is Our Focus

Because Waypoint is strictly brokerage, your boat gets the focus of our marketing!

Whether online, at boat shows or in our showroom, we are focused on selling your boat, not on using your boat as a lead to upsell to a new boat.

Your Boat is For Sale Co-operatively With Most Other Brokers on a Co-brokerage Basis

Your boat is advertised on several MLS service pages.

Your boat reaches over 10,000 brokers!

Waypoint works diligently with them to ensure the sale of your boat goes smoothly!

Your Boat is Represented at Boat Shows

Your boat is marketed at all the Lake Erie Marine Trades boat shows and several Michigan Boating Industries Association Shows!

Full Color marketing brochures of your boat are displayed at every show!

The Brokers Role for the Seller

  • Determining a fair asking price
  • Preparing an Advertising Strategy
  • Preparing the listing for the Public
  • Prepare the listing for the broker-to-broker Multiple Listing Service
  • Make sure the listing has internet presence
  • The broker will advise of any improvements that should be made to compete within today’s market
  • Professional Know-How of forms and processes
  • Sea Trial and Survey
  • The Art of Negotiating The Deal

A clean and tidy boat always earns a higher selling price,

so invest some time and elbow grease!

Prep Your Boat

Set the stage!

Empty it Out!

The Trailer Counts!

For trailer boaters, don’t forget to detail the trailer.

An uncluttered look shows organization, looks more spacious, and gives prospective new owners the ability to see the storage compartments in their entirety. 

Take your personal belongings out of head and galley cabinets. Stow cleaning utilities and fishing poles in a dockbox.

When it comes to storage spaces more and bigger is always better! Also, if the gear is not included with the boat sale remove it.

Put a set of matching plates and glasses on the table, for example. 

Accent pillows in bright, nautical colors on the back deck seats, dinette cushions and berths create an attractive and welcoming air.

Look at advertising brochures for ideas that can help make your boat appear more inviting.

  • Scrub the entire boat and deck with mild detergent and a soft brush.
  • If the fiberglass finish doesn’t gleam, invest in having it buffed with rubbing compound and polished with wax. On small boats, you can do this yourself using an automotive buffing wheel. If your varnish is tired, at least one coat will restore the shine.
  • If the teak is gray, bleach it so it looks good and perhaps oil it, too.
  • Clean the bilge, because a musty and damp smelling boat suggests rot and decay.
  • Get rid of the crumbs in the galley, and be sure that the refrigerator/icebox sparkles.
  • If you can remove the carpet, shampoo it and let it dry in the sun. Do the same for curtains and upholstery.
  • Scrub the covers and Bimini top and, if the side curtains are hazy, take them off so they don’t distract.
  • Clean the head and shower thoroughly, and add a double dose of chemicals to the holding tank. No one wants a smelly head.
  • Repair inoperative equipment that can turn off a buyer.
  • Don’t forget the engine. If it’s oily, have it steam cleaned.
  • Change the oil because dirty oil suggests poor maintenance
  • Touch up any corrosion spots on the engine or drives.
  • Charge the batteries so the engine starts immediately and the lights shine brightly.
  • Buyers like originality, so get rid of additions that don’t increase the value, such as racks and cabinets, especially if they don’t look professional.
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